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Jul 08 2008

The Ten-Minute Post

Seeing as pacing seems to be my Achilles heel and I’m determined to call it an early night, I’m giving myself only 10 minutes to write this post. So I apologize in advance for its brevity.

Where to begin? Since the last post, I’ve had another week of teaching under my belt. Overall, I’m still feeling pretty good in front of my class, I just wish I could get my pacing under control. The most frustrating part about it is that no one has been able to tell me where I can cut things out. I’m starting to think it may not be possible – which is completely anti-TFA. [Sense of possiblity, what?] But we only have 40 minutes to teach objectives that during a normal school year would require at least a 90 minute block. So now’s the time where I have to start getting creative and making the most of whatever time I have – morning break, phone calls in the afternoon, during my students’ advisory block. Which I’m trying my best to do during the next two weeks. Yes, that is correct. Less than two weeks left here at the ‘tute. Life is still spinning crazily out of control – still waiting for my official school placement (dare I mention that some schools actually start in under 3 weeks), working on the apartment situation, have to get in touch with the movers (which of course can’t happen until the apartment is found.) But overall, I’m in a pretty content place. It’s amazing what going through 8 months of turmoil in a bank merger can do for the nerves at times like this.

And I would have to say that the long weekend probably didn’t hurt :) A few of us decided to ditch the inferno that is Tempe, AZ and head for cooler climes. Namely, Orange County. It was such a welcome relief to see and smell and feel the ocean again. T (who drove) is determined to drive the entire length of I-10 this year, so he insisted that we head all the way to the end of I-10 up in Santa Monica. I was prepared for something completely anti-climatic. Instead, it was quite the opposite. The western end of I-10 lands you in a tunnel and then spits you out with a perfect view of the Pacific, right onto the PCH. It was our first view of the ocean in ages, and it was amazing. I could have soaked it all in forever. I also had a great warm welcoming from some of my family in OC. It felt so comfortable and home-y to get to see them. A great way to help keep me sane.

Well, unfortunately my 10-minute post has now turned into a 20-minute post (oh that pacing)… Rumor has it we may get a half-day tomorrow with a carnival/pool party in the afternoon… fingers crossed.

Song of the Moment: “Whatever it takes” by Leona Lewis

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